Business Consulting

Get answers you can use.

If you discovered a key to unlock information that is difficult, time-consuming, or impossible to find out—would you use it? What if someone could hand you answers to the most important questions you didn't even know to ask? Consider how would you use that power in your business: Find that next big idea? Understand market triggers? Create high-performance processes? Increase quality of work life? Understand your next "best step"? Invest or divest?

Business intuitive consulting reaches far beyond hunches and gut feelings to examine situations with great clarity and detail. Imagine x-ray binoculars that can focus clearly on any situation, zooming in for greater detail, and following events backward and forward along a timeline. This is highly developed, focused intuition—and this is what I can do for my clients. When accessed accurately, intuition is the ultimate business guidance system. 

Depth Consciousness Techniques: Mastery of Your Business
My Depth Consciousness Techniques examine the conscious and subconscious subtle energy factors within your organization or group—the totality of the group consciousness—and pinpoint how to foster synergistic workflow in support of your business goals. I can help you identify action points within the group consciousness to transform counterproductive elements and to create ideal conditions to streamline interactive processes, foster innovation and attract opportunity. troubleshoot processes, make organizational change easier, open to more innovation and opportunity. If you are ready to fine-tune your organization for excellence and quality of work life, Depth Consciousness Techniques can help you.

Universal Field Techniques: Mastery of Your Business' Interactions with the World
Through my Universal Field Techniques consulting, understand how your business can purposely use universal laws in support of your business goals—rather than acting blinding and getting less than ideal results. Also, gain a detailed understanding of factors in your organization's group consciousness that are broadcasting subtle-energy messages that detrimentally affect the response from your markets, partners, and the world at large. 

Single-Point Access
I work with only one person within each organization or business, which avoids duplication of effort or retracing of steps. I may decline to work with a particular organization due to conflict of interest or complicating factors.

Applications of Intuitive Consulting for Business:
Intuitive consultations can help you achieve excellence in all areas of your business, including:

Business Results
Decision Making
Teams & Team Building
Processes & Projects
Job Satisfaction