Personal Consulting

Imagine a mirror that you can look into and see everything about yourself and your life in exquisite detail… your greatest joys, the patterns holding you back, your hidden creative forces waiting to be tapped, the problems you face, the opportunities available to you. With that information, you could be a powerful force in your own life.

As an intuitive coach, I use in-depth intuition to act as that mirror for you, reflecting information to you with great clarity—including the aspects you cannot see for yourself. With intuitive coaching, you can gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what's blocking you from what you want, and how to move past those obstacles.

Depth Consciousness Techniques: Mastery of Self

During the intuitive coaching process, I can provide detailed insight into your inner dynamics and patterns and gently coach you to transform those that aren't working for you using Depth Consciousness Techniques.

Universal Field Techniques: Mastery of Your Interactions with the World

Through Universal Field Techniques, you can begin to work in accord with universal laws to support you in your purpose—rather than randomly struggling against their effects—and to transform the subtle signals you're broadcasting that affect the way the world interacts with and responds to you.

Intuitive Coaching Benefits: Change You, and Change Your Life

I am the intuitive coach for you if you would like to:

  • Get answers about your life and relationships
  • Release self-defeating patterns and beliefs
  • Identify and clear blocks
  • Align your inner and outer life with your purpose
  • Deepen your spiritual experience
  • Discover specific keys for wellness
  • Interpret your dreams for personal growth

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Intuitive Coaching Can Benefit All Areas of Your Life:
Intuitive coaching can help you create your ideal life in all its facets, including:

Universal Laws