Your ideal career lies at the intersection of doing what you enjoy and finding others who value it. Sounds simple, but with only 45% job satisfaction in the US1, it's easier said than done. Intuitive coaching can help you identify and remove inner obstacles—like limiting beliefs, judgments, and decisions—so you can get out of your own way and move forward. Intuitive consulting can also help you realize valuable talents and gifts you may be overlooking, discover your ideal career, and explore ways to connect with people who will pay you to do that.

Using Focused Intuition, I can give you insight into your most effective personal motivators, greatest sources of stress, and preferred work style to help guide your career decisions. Learn steps to improve your work experience right now, in your current work situation. You could be waking up every day looking forward to your workday. Life is too short to not be doing work that engages and satisfies you.